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A Spark From The Anvil

Season one of our podcast is here.
Learn about us... learn about the industry we love so much.

You want to know that you’re working with people who have the smarts, the intuition, and the curiosity to see things through effectively. People who bring many worlds of experience to the table, from retail to banking to high tech and higher ed. That’s why we begin with a deeply meaningful conversation about you. Your brand. Your voice. And your purpose. Here are some of the brands we’ve collaborated with.

#1 Embrace The White Elephant

On this inaugural episode of A Spark From The Anvil, Joe talks about baseball, branding and billboards and why it just might be a good idea to root for a team that’s a lost cause.

#2 Renting

We all rent stuff.  Some pay actual money to temporarily rent a car or an apartment. Some pay the price in mental stress from pressures at work and oddball coworkers. Episode number 2 from A Spark From The Anvil, Joe talks about renting and um, how can that possibly relate?

#3 Marvel v DC Comics

In episode number 3 of A Spark from the Anvil the age old question of “what comic book franchise is better”, is put to the ultimate test. By how the companies treat their own brand, and as a DC fan, this one hurts.

#4 Strategy of Basketball

In episode 4 of A Spark from the Anvil, the strategy of basketball comes into question. Spoiler alert, it has nothing to do the plays that the coach draws up, or how the players execute.

#5 Opinions

What do surgeons have in common with art directors? Well very little. Joe explains in episode number 5 of A Spark From The Anvil, and we get inspired by others along the way.

#6 RedState BlueState

In episode number 6 of A Spark From The Anvil, Joe shares his views on why Washington is so divided. Pull up another chair at the dinner table and ask for a second helping of the steak, because it’s not rocket science, but the revelation does deal with compassion, common sense, and the ability to listen.

#7 Draw What You See

Do you know what an apple looks like? What it really looks like? In episode number 7 of A spark From The Anvil Joe asks the question and then ponders the results.

#8 The Dentist

Episode #8 from A Spark From The Anvil takes us to a place we all don’t want to go. The Dentist. And in the meantime we defend the industry and other unknown agencies.

#9 The Details

The weather is finally warm which means Episode #9 of A Spark From The Anvil takes us outside at lunchtime for some good old-fashioned people watching.

#10 Soccer and a Flag Geek

Episode #10 of A Spark From The Anvil gets a bit geeky with flags, and the World Cup.

#11 Good, Cheap, On-Time

After a beautiful summer off, A Spark from the Anvil returns with an age-old question in episode #11. Can a project be good, cheap, and on-time?

#12 Oktoberfest

Why is October the one month that gets its brand bastardized? And why is August so forgotten? In episode #12 of A Spark From The Anvil the topic of brand guidelines tries to make sense of it all.

#13 Sponsor My Hat

It seems that every poker player is sponsored by someone. Aren’t they supposed to be cool? They’re the representatives of the badass gunslingers from the old west, and in episode #13 we talk about their sponsors.

#14 Red/Black Friday

Red is the color of perceived happiness. Who doesn’t like a red firetruck, or want a red balloon as a kid? A red bike, or a sports car? In Episode #14 we try to understand why.

#15 The Steel City

As marketers, we face many challenges when a new campaign is ready to launch. Episode #15 and the last Spark from The Anvil of 2018 talks about the focus group, and how sometimes they can be a wonderful thing.