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3-minute Sparks of Inspiration.

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Veteran Creative Director Joe Mayernik offers up a 3-minute commentary on life in advertising, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts.

#15 The Steel City

As marketers, we face many challenges when a new campaign is ready to launch. Episode #15 and the last Spark from The Anvil of 2018 talks about the focus group, and how sometimes they can be a wonderful thing.

#14 Red/Black Friday

Red is the color of perceived happiness. Who doesn’t like a red firetruck, or want a red balloon as a kid? A red bike, or a sports car? In Episode #14 we try to understand why.

#13 Sponsor My Hat

It seems that every poker player is sponsored by someone. Aren’t they supposed to be cool? They’re the representatives of the badass gunslingers from the old west, and in episode #13 we talk about their sponsors.