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Expanding a clever component into a meaningful consumer brand.

Dave, Nancy and Scott, the MagZip® inventors, started selling MagZip in 2008. With some success, the inventors and business owners knew there was more opportunity for the first innovation in the zipper category in over 100 years.

The call we got started with a request for help with a naming project for the cool component, the MagZip zipper.  In addition to some clever creative support, the company realized strategic guidance was also critical.

As we wrote our proposal, we gave this startup a menu of options so they would know what it would take to successfully launch the new brand as well as leverage two others distinctly.  Over the years, three brands got clouded into one.

In the end, the company, DNS Designs LLC, now has digital assets for DNS Designs, a mechanical design and development company with growth potential; ANKHGEAR, the consumer-focused apparel brand with a world of growth opportunity ahead; and MagZip, a component that can be targeted at large scale clothing manufacturers much more aggressively than it has been recently.

  • Process:

    • Strategic separation of companies versus brands
      • Distilling the essence of the invention, the inventors and defining the business goals
    • Creating the brand
    • Naming
      • Ideating words with meaning, made-up words, all the usual steps in naming
      • Basic trademark searches to uncover potholes
    • Logo Design
      • Bringing the name to life visually and extending it to online and hard goods assets.
    • Collaborating with the business owners to combine their priorities with design priorities — bringing the best of both to the top for a brand identity poised for success
    • Copywriting
      • Giving the brand character with strong copy, a descriptive and memorable tagline for the new product launch, visuals and sales materials.
    • Digital
      • Supported their online presence with existing website upgrades, new website development, social media for both businesses, a social media content calendar for ANKHGEAR, online media campaign, and strategic guidance through the launch process.
      • Online ads, and social media campaign
    • ……………………………………….