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Expanding a clever component into a meaningful consumer brand.

We helped the inventors of MagZip® create AHKHGEAR, their new consumer brand built around simplifying life.

Lots of people have ideas. A few bring those ideas to market. Even fewer elevate that idea to a brand that changes lives.

What started as a very helpful apparel innovation — a magnetic zipper — has now become the platform for a lineup of casual clothes with a singular purpose. To make life simpler for all kinds of people. Athletes. Outdoor enthusiasts. People with disabilities. And those with specialized jobs to do. To learn more about the ANKHGEAR branding process and its results, visit the ANKHGEAR branding page.

  • Highlights:

    • Logo, website, social media with a new attitude
    • Social post reach after launching is up 66%. Post engagement is up 97%
    • Compelling story to share with consumers, resellers and partners.
    • Clear focus on the types of products and services to add going forward.
    • ……………………………………