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Making energy efficiency cool again.

A campaign to re-energize interest in energy efficiency solutions.

Did you know that energy companies actually want you to use energy more efficiently? It’s counterintuitive, right? The fact is, they strive to create solutions, incentives, programs, and partnerships to help homeowners and business leaders use less energy. 

We’re helping two of those organizations promote energy efficiency. After two years of little or no mass media promotion, Avangrid’s upstate New York energy companies — RG&E and NYSEG — are back on the air (and the internet) with a new campaign to spread the word.

The goal is to drive people to a website filled with energy efficiency solutions. The message is simple. Powerful savings start here.

With a variety of case-study-based examples, homeowners and business decision-makers can see the benefits of upgrades to the interior and exterior lighting, HVAC, even machine tools. 

  • Highlights:

    • Draws readers in with real-world examples of energy efficiency at work in our communities.
    • Campaign consists of TV, paid and organic search, social media, and digital display including video pre-roll
    • Benchmark for click-through rates on utility campaigns averages 3%. Ours is over 5%!
    • Campaign generated more than 10,000 landing page visits in the first three months
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