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Building a brand. From the ground up.

A clear 46-acre breath at the end of a meandering driveway.

Boom Point is a world away from the hustle. A break from the stress and obligation of full schedules. Your steps slow. Your thoughts lighten. Your senses rediscover birdsong and sunlight, the fresh scent of gardens and soil and vines and hardwoods, the distance of the horizon. 

Today, with our help creating their brand, they are a simple getaway in Williamson, NY offering award-winning wines in over a dozen varietals. They did the hard work of having the vision to create an excellent product and then partnered with us to turn their energy and passion into a consumer brand that is ready to be introduced to the world. To learn more about the Boom Point branding process and its results, visit the Boom Point branding page.

  • Highlights:

    • We helped shape the brand from its earliest stages, including naming, logo design, and design of brand elements including packaging.  Join us HERE for more details on our Branding process. (link to Branding page and include what’s below)
    • In year one, Boom Point was added to the prestigious Lake Ontario Wine Trail
    • Multiple national awards for wine varietals
    • Label designs have been called out by regional publications
    • Walk-ins during the critical fall tasting of their first season were 150% over goal
    • ………………………………………..