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You only turn 125 years old once, right?

Celebrate an ode to the past, while looking to a promising future.

More than a century ago, there was a fast-growing market that needed ice to keep meat and produce fresh throughout the day. As their demand for ice grew, transporting it became a challenge. Thomas W. Boulter found a solution – a way to move the massive ice blocks safely across town each day. Since then, Boulter has been finding ways to move the impossible. They’ve grown in size and reputation. Added people, technology, services, expertise, and exceptional clients. When you say “impossible” they see “possible.”

We created a six-part video featuring their core business offerings and a celebration to tell Boulter’s compelling story at this incredibly significant time in history. We documented the company’s transformative impact on the world over the past 125 years by highlighting what makes it distinct and its people successful. It is an ode to the past, and a look to the most promising future.

  • Highlights:

    • Crafted a 125th celebration, complete with historical facts, invitations and social media assets.
    • Conceived the Boulter boulder that commemorates five generations of Boulter leadership and the employees that built the company over 125 years.
    • Concepted and produced a brand video to be used as a sales tool to prospective clients
    • Written and produced five brand videos focused on specific business units.
    • ……………………………………