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Scouting in Action takes gold.

Every badge earned represents dynamic real-world learning.

Look around and listen. Ever feel like young people are increasingly indoors, online, and in some cases out of touch? Scouting is the alternative. They activate… Every field trip taken is an eye-opening exploration. Scouting in the Seneca Waterways Council is all about putting ideas, values, and people into action. This Scouting in Action campaign, and original photography brought the merit badges to life.

Fire Safety, Hiking, Astronomy, American Heritage, Scuba, Citizenship of the World. The annual report highlighted stories of five Scouts, 2 of whom are part of the first class of female Eagle Scouts. Posters were distributed throughout the community. Imagery was used on all social media, to encourage fundraising and recruitment during a time hampered by unfathomable challenges during a global pandemic, it was also overwhelmingly filled with the Scouting spirit that turned challenges into opportunities. 2020 saw Scouting in action.

  • Highlights:

    • Brandtatorship is proud to have worked with Myers Creative Imaging to concept, write, design and shoot this inspirational annual report.
    • Winner of three Rochester Advertising Federation (RAF) American Advertising Awards (ADDY) including:
      BEST-IN-SHOW. Gold: Campaign

      BEST-IN-PHOTOGRAPHY. Gold: Poster Series,
      Gold: Photography Campaign, Gold: Campaign
    • District 2 American Advertising Award.
      Gold: Annual Report
    • National American Advertising Award.
      Gold: Annual Report
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