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A forward-looking perspective on Scouting.

Every Scout is a reflection of the adult they will soon be. We helped capture that vision in a few compelling stories.

The Boys Scouts Seneca Waterways chapter has partnered with Myers Creative Imaging and Brandtatorship since 2012 to bring a fresh, engaging look to all of its stakeholders annually when it presents its accomplishments and goals via the annual report.  It has been rewarding to deliver unique creative each year that represents the unique character of this evolving organization.

The 2019 annual report highlights the gifts of the organization to all those involved.  In this campaign, we met four young adults who’d traveled miles already and – thanks to Scouting – had so much more to share with our world.  Shaped by the positive people, caring values, daring experiences, and blue-sky expectations encountered along life’s journey. Each conversation is a unique ray in the day’s light. Each challenge, a ripple in the water that perseverance and patience will smooth. And every achievement, a clear report of what’s possible throughout a lifetime.

  • Highlights:

    • Brandtatorship is proud to have worked with Myers Creative Imaging to concept, write, design and shoot this inspirational annual report.
    • Winner of three Rochester Advertising Federation (RAF) American Advertising Awards (ADDY) including:
      BEST-IN-PHOTOGRAPHY. Gold: Poster Series,
      Gold: Photography Campaign, Gold: Campaign
    • District 2 American Advertising Award.
      Silver: Photography Campaign
    • National American Advertising Award.
      Gold: Photography Campaign
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