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Fabulous Adventures Travel Branding

We created their brand, so they can help you find your paradise.

The owner needed a new brand to add legitimacy as a premier travel agency within travel destination companies like Disney, Universal Studios, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines and others.

Whether you’re traveling to Disney, Fiji or the far reaches of Asia, Fabulous Adventures Travel has booked it all. While their trained staff of agents has helped hundreds of people plan trips all over the world, their specialty in the travel arena is planning the ultimate Disney adventure.

We collaborated with Fabulous Aventures Travel to help create their new brand.  We were there from the start, like a good travel agent, and helped them craft the brand with a cohesive tone of voice reflecting the founder’s positive spirit and energy.

  • Process:

    • Competitive review and searches to uncover potholes. 
    • Collaborating with the business owner to combine their priorities with design priorities — bringing the best of both to the top for a brand identity poised for success.
    • Giving the brand character with its ownable visual.
    • Created collateral and social media assets for use by travel agents.
    • The new brand was leveraged on brand-appropriate items, such as luggage tags, hats, shirts and reusable water bottles
    • ……………………………………….