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GPS Advisers Branding

Insightful Consulting, Innovative Branding.

GPS Advisers is a Data Governance, Privacy, and Security firm. It’s a boutique that focuses on proactively protecting data, especially for small to medium-sized businesses that may not have a dedicated data team. 

Because data privacy laws continue to change, and data threats evolve every day, the notion of navigating data governance, privacy, and security makes tremendous sense.  Which led to an acronym that immediately signals navigational excellence — GPS. 

With a bright logo representing the three corresponding facets of the service, the GPS Advisers brand emerged in 2020 and is now growing fast. Already serving clients in ten critical industries, GPS Advisers is proving to be a smart, nimble alternative to large or fully automated data protection solutions.

  • Process:

    • Multiple meetings with the owner, a data management veteran with decades of Fortune 500 experience.
    • Exploration of the current state of the industry — uncovering the dynamic nature of the challenge and the importance of meeting it with an equally adaptable evergreen strategy.
    • Naming exercise, including testing with potential clients.
    • Logo execution once a name was chosen, focusing on important attributes — modern, dynamic, accessible, clear, and memorable.
    • ………………………………………..

  • Highlights:

    • In an industry filled with global consultancies, GPS Advisers sounds big enough to handle the work, yet small enough to deliver personal service.
    • The name offers room to grow — it’s not locked to an individual or partnership.
    • Bright colors and a highly graphic icon feel current and capable.
    • The strapline — “Governance, Privacy, Security” not only plays off the acronym, but also makes the category promise crystal clear.
    • In less than a year, the company is now serving 20+ clients and garnering industry recognition for its proactive strategic approach.
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