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Refreshing website refresh.

A new look and language for a venerable beverage distributor.

Lake Beverage was a beer distributor for 75 years, long before websites were even a thing. Trucks traveled the region. Reps chatted up store owners and bar managers. And every deal was done with a handshake.

Today, the business is far more digital. Of course, there’s still a physical place where the customer buys the product. But web presence is critically important. 

After helping Lake Beverage evolve its brand, our next project was a website refresh. With three main audiences — restaurants, stores, and end customers — the website needed to speak intelligently to the needs of each one.

That started with simply explaining what a distributor does. How they add value to the beverage supply chain.

It also included showcasing the family-owned history of Lake Beverage, highlighting the company’s regional growth, and providing valuable interactive tools like the simple yet highly practical “Beverage Finder!”

  • Highlights:

    • Animated text and a full-screen video bring the new Lake Beverage site to life.
    • Clear, simple explanation shows exactly how Distributors complete the beverage supply chain.
    • Easy navigation plus a handy “Resources” section make the website more than a digital poster — there’s real value for customers.
    • Social integrations drive engagement.
    • Testimonials from recognizable customer brands add to the credibility and currency of this longtime brand.
    • A detailed list of the brands carried gives buyers a quick and easy way to find exactly what their customers want, and to try new varieties that may be tomorrow’s taste winners.
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