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Attract, engage and inspire.

Make Something Real: a campaign to recruit the makers and the doers.

With more than 18 highly recognizable brands, from Bell Helicopters to Bad Boy Buggies, the Textron Corporation was having a surprisingly tough time attracting young talent. Software startups and better-known technology companies, such as GE and IBM, were winning the recruitment battle for the best and brightest grads. Textron not only needed to make their name recognized and remembered among top students, but also to give them a reason to believe the career opportunities are actually better at Textron. 


A combination of new brand messaging, digital outreach strategies, and a reinvented presence at on-campus job fairs was the answer.  We worked with the recruitment team to ensure consistent messaging with corporate communications and priorities, as well as sourced materials and supported in-person events. 

  • Highlights:

    • The campaign included sales enablement tools, social media, live events, contests. 
    • Increased applications more than 200% in year one.
    • Increased offer-to-acceptance rate 1.5X.
    • Winner of an American Marketing Association Pinnacle Award, b2b campaign.
    • Now in its 4th year, the message continues to resonate.
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