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Staying safe. Staying strong.

Play Ball goes virtual and support goes national.

It was a year unlike any other. As with so many galas and gatherings, the 2020 Play Ball fundraiser became a virtual event. Complete with online auctions and a live Friday-night video conference, the tenth-anniversary PlayBall evolved to meet the times.

The good news: Supporters were more than willing to play!

In fact, the upside of a technology-based virtual event is that geographic limitations go away. We helped The Strong attract and engage participants and donors from across the country.

  • Highlights:

    • People from across the country were represented, affirming The Strong’s position as the national museum of play.
    • Sponsorships and auction donations remained strong, despite the widespread strain on the economy.
    • In just its 10th year and with no dinner (or open bar), Play Ball 2020 grossed more than each of the first five Play Ball fundraisers.
    • The 2021 date is set from Oct 22, 2021. We’re all hoping to return to the fun and camaraderie of a live gala event at the museum.
    • The Brandtatorship team now knows a lot about how to plan, promote and execute a highly successful virtual event.
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