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Creating alternative music mashups.

How we helped an indie radio station promote its eclectic music and drive donations.

90.5 FM WBER is a listener and school district-supported non-commercial alternative radio station owned and operated by the Board of Cooperative Educational Services. Serving the Rochester and Western New York area since 1985, WBER is well known for its commitment to the mission of providing the best access to alternative music.

The station has limited funds for marketing and survives on the passionate service of its volunteers and the support of loyal listeners to help spread their brand promise of being the “Only Station That Matters.”  We have supported the station over the years by creating unique assets for social media, guerilla marketing, and their website.  Most recently, we thought it was time to create a fundraising and promotional opportunity to further increase awareness and raise funds.

We initiated a poster campaign engaging local designers to create unique mashups showcasing the names of alternative rock bands. The band names were combined into clever phrases and were brought to life in a variety of engaging illustrative styles, including the use of typeset printing.

The campaign is ready to launch when the time is right, providing a priceless fundraising/promotion for this local broadcasting gem.  While awaiting the launch of the campaign, several posters competed with other local creative executions and proved their design value.

  • Highlights:

    • 15 posters developed and printed in the latest campaign 
    • Winner of several Rochester Advertising Federation (RAF) American Advertising Awards (ADDY).
    • Silver: 2020 Brand Poster Campaign
    • Gold: Indie Poster (Special Recognition for Illustration)
    • Silver: Ingrid Michaelson Concert Poster
    • Gold: Local Show Poster Project
    • ……………………………………